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Sources to search the right property

Once a person decides to buy a property, the searches begin to get the right one. But how to get the right property a person desires. We are living in the age of information technology. Information is everywhere. Lots of options are available to get different information about real estate; however, there is a big chance to get confused. Here we discuss about the sources where to get actual information for buying or selling real estate.

Web Portals:

web portalThere are many real estate portals available and which provides information. You will get lot of options from various builders, owners and agents. Some information is misleading with the details and the price information. One has to be cautious while selecting from the list. For a new property or project, the price mentioned is BSP (Base Sale Price). Other costs like club, electricity, maintenance, power back up and parking would be added extra. So, it is recommended to ask the approximate final price of the property before going for a site visit. Remember, portals are not dealing into real estate. Portals are just a platform to advertise properties. Some known portals are magicbrics.com, 99acres.com, housing.com, indiaproperty.com etc. It needs effort and patience and at the same time it is very time consuming.


Google is a search engine which you may use for searching your desired property. The result of the search will be a list in which the links will be shown where matching terms are found as you enter and if you click the link you are redirected to the link where you may get some information about what you are searching for.

Local Individual Brokers:

Local brokers are most unprofessional and they are not at all related to real estate industry. In most of the cases their actual profession is something else like tea stall, grocery shop or something else. The approach is most unprofessional manner. They just introduce seller and buyer and do not care about providing service; however, they are keen to get their brokerage. They do not have any idea about the paper work, process, loans, registration etc. Sometimes, they are in group and may make you uncomfortable. One has to be very cautious while dealing with these individual brokers.

Professional Agents / Broking Firm / Marketing House

Professional broking house is the place where you will get a professional service from the beginning of the deal till end. They are mostly partnered with various corporate developers and work very systematically. You will get all the knowledge regarding current market and properties. The firm is like a supermarket where you will get to know about different projects in the market under same roof. The most important thing is the service which you can nowhere compare with any other option. The paperwork, process, loans and legal advice are all important for a property dealing which is provided by the professional. There is no brokerage for the projects which are marketed by the firm; however, there is brokerage only if the deal is for a resale property. If you are buyer, they will search for your best suitable property and if you are a seller, they will search for a buyer. You may read one of our blogs regarding the importance of brokers.

Newspaper Advertisement:

newspaper searchNewspaper is also an option where you can search for your desired property. The ads published in the paper are by owners and brokers mixed. This can be a good option for getting a property. But, all the matters related to the process have to be taken care of by the buyers only. In this case, buyers may get difficulty due to not being aware of important documents, papers and process. A consultancy from consultant or expert would be recommended for a flawless process. One has to be cautious when the buyers directly deal with the sellers.

Friends & Relatives:

If you are really keen to get information regarding real estate, friends or relative would be the most unreliable source. It is often seen that one who is interested to buy a property is taking an advice from friends. It is not they intentionally provide misinformation about anything. A friend may be a good person and may be a well wisher, also they may be involved in their respective profession or job; but they may not be aware of the real estate market as they are not directly related to the sector. How can a person from other profession provide you the knowledge? If you ask any advice from friends and relatives, they will give you according to their idea which is not in depth knowledge.

Finally, if you are really in search of buying or selling a property, it is recommended to contact a property consultant or take the expert advice.

Written by: Arnab Ray

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